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If you would like to learn step-by-step EXACTLY how to generate over $18,000-a-year from simple, automated businesses that take only
30-days to create – then here is a 100% GUARANTEED way for you to learn how to do it from home for only $97 (soon to be $397)…

It's true!

You can work from home, start part-time or full time. Keep your current job. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, male or female, lots of money or none at all.

You can discover how to create online businesses that work 24-hours a day and deposit money into your account on autopilot.

Plus, this 3-day training is guaranteed to deliver on what I promise, or you walk away having doubled your money. More about this in a moment…

WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall

Once you know the system I use to create online businesses from scratch, you can create as many of these businesses as you want.

You can sell your own products. Or you can sell other people’s products on a commission. WarpSpeed Weekend will reveal the secrets to making both systems work.

WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall

BOTTOMLINE IS: With these recordings of my 3-day event – WarpSpeed Weekend - you’ll discover how to build a business you are proud of… proud to show your family and something you’ll be able to pass on to your kids.

You’ll see rock-solid proof of all the latest techniques I and my fellow internet marketers are using to grow our businesses RIGHT NOW.

This event is all about one thing:

WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall

So tell me this: What would you do with $18,000 landing in your bank account EVERY year?

Brett McFall WarpSpeed Weekend

Would you spend it on holidays to Paris... New York... Or London?

Would you pay it off your mortgage every year so that you own your own home sooner?

Would you buy an investment property and let your internet business pay it off for you?

Would you lease your dream car and let the business pay it off?

Would you have the money automatically transferred to your favourite charity?

Would you buy your loved ones gifts on a whim?

The choice really is yours once you have an automatic internet business that funds your lifestyle.

WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall

I’ll even do this for you too:

YOURS FREE when you grab the recordings of WarpSpeed Weekend

Brett McFall's WarpSpeed Weekend

I’ll hand you a $497 License (yours 100% FREE) to on-sell the complete audio recordings of this event.

That means I spend tens of thousands of dollars to put the whole event on for 3 amazing days… deliver 100% solid content from start to finish… then professionally record the audio of the entire event so that you have a ready-to-go product to sell as soon as you get the recordings too.

What better way to get a return on your investment than be able to on-sell the very recordings you own!

I’ll even write the salespage that sells it for you and design the website too.

Basically, a ready-made business in a box.


Yet you enjoy 3 days of brilliant learning with a ready-to-go product (the recordings of this event) that you can sell for $97 and pocket $75 profit every time.

But hurry, this offer ends soon. Here are the details…

Just completed - WarpSpeed Weekend!

Brett McFall's WarpSpeed Weekend

Brett McFall's WarpSpeed Weekend

FROM: Brett McFall

Dear Friend,

How would you like to earn $18,000 or more a year from every online business you create (with each one taking only 30-days)?

Imagine that…

Making your own money from simple little websites that sell products which are super-tailored to their niches. And surprisingly, without you even being an expert on those topics.

Wouldn't this give you the lifestyle and the freedom you're after right now?

It truly is the most low-cost, low-effort, low-risk home-based business model in the world.

And I’m convinced that nearly anyone can do it.

Let’s face it. You want to make extra money, right? But working another job will only rob you of more time that you don’t have.

You’ve heard about people making a fortune online. But you’ve never made a dollar yourself, so you’re not sure if you’d be able to do it.

Plus, you’re not that technical, so you’re worried if you’ll even be able to understand HOW to do business online.

And in the first place, you can’t even think of a good idea that could make you a lot of money, so is it even worth it to learn how to start a business online?

Maybe you think you’re too old for this internet stuff.

That either it’s too late for you to start a business online, or that you’re just not up to understanding what to do.

Well, I can help.

Let me show you exactly how to create little online businesses that bring in around $18,000 a year on virtual autopilot.

Brett McFall's WarpSpeed Weekend

LIVE at my 3-day WarpSpeed Weekend, my team and I revealed everything we know… AND… we made it so easy that an 8-year old child could understand.

WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall

I can tell you that attendees were wide and varied. They ranged anywhere from around 35 years of age, up to 75.

Typically there was an even break up of male and female attendees. And most had NOT have ever done anything like this before.

Yet every single person walked away with a bullet-proof formula for starting their own online business INSTANTLY!

Now before I tell you about what you get on the recordings of WarpSpeed Weekend, where I will teach how to create your own online business in just 4-weeks, I do need to make sure I’m clear about one thing so that you know where I’m coming from:

IMPORTANT: I do not know your abilities.

I do not know how much effort you will put in when it comes to applying what I teach you. And because of this I CANNOT guarantee you that you will achieve the same results as I have.

It’s possible you may not even make one dollar with what I teach you. All I can show you is what I’m doing to make money online and what others who are using my strategies are doing. It will always be up to you to take responsibility for the outcomes you achieve.

Are we clear?

Great. Because I know 99% of people will grab these recordings with the right mindset. The other 1% will think they can click a button and get rich. If that’s you, then I have to be honest and say that this is NOT the program for you.

Instead, be a part of the 99%. Listen and learn HOW it is done. And then get ready to apply it for yourself.

With that being said, now let me tell you what I can 100% guarantee you, okay?

You Get 3-Days Of Pure Content With One Goal In Mind:

Earn money inside 4-weeks using simple online businesses that work on autopilot

Tickets to this 3-day event were $997 but…

…because hundreds of my followers have asked if they could get their hands on the recordings, I’ve decided to let you have every single word of my little-known strategies for online success.

And you can have them at a HUGE discount

But you’ll need to be quick if you do not want to pay the $397 full price.









It’s true, over 3 content-packed days of recordings you’ll discover how you too can finally master the internet as a business tool, and earn your own money online.

By absorbing every single exciting minute of this event, you’ll hear me lay out the blueprint for how to get “in and out in 4 weeks” when it comes to creating your own online businesses.

You’ll hear LIVE examples and questions answered.

You’ll be handed the secrets to finding hot niches (yes they still do exist, but the way you find them these days is not like how we used to do it, and if you don’t know about this new method, then you’re going to be left behind… again).

You’re going to finally understand WHY you do NOT have to be the expert in your niche in order to make an income.

WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall

And if you happen to be an expert too, then don’t worry, you’re especially going to love these secrets.

You’re going to walk away knowing how to set up a virtual “product creation farm” – where you’re doing none of the work, but getting all the benefit.

You’re going to know how to create up to 30 different products per month – it’s true, and we’re doing it. We’ll show you the secrets we’re using day to day for brilliant results.

You’re going to have beautiful looking websites that you’ll be proud to show your family and friends, yet you won’t have done all the hard work of creating them. How? All revealed LIVE at WarpSpeed Weekend.

You’re going to know how to get your website in front of your target market. Some methods will be FREE, and others nearly-FREE. Either way, you win.

You’ll know how to create your own highly-profitable affiliate marketing business – selling products that literally walk off the shelves by themselves and earn you a ton of commission.

And lots more… all crammed into this exciting program.

Brett McFall's WarpSpeed Weekend

Don't have your own product to sell?

Don't worry - YOURS FREE when you invest in this program: Recordings To Sell!

Brett McFall's WarpSpeed Weekend

I’ll hand you a $497 License to on-sell this complete audio program to others!

I spend tens of thousands of dollars to put the whole event on for 3 amazing days… deliver 100% solid content from start to finish… then professionally record the entire event so that you have a ready-to-go product to sell INSTANTLY.

You do NOTHING but learn from 3 days of brilliant learning that you can use to sell this ready-to-go product (the recordings of this event) for $97 and pocket $75 every time.

WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall feedback

On these recordings, I do something which no other internet marketing expert in the world does - I put myself, my reputation and my experience on the line.

Website Makeovers

Brett McFall's WarpSpeed Weekend

In short, I allowed people in the audience to shout out their website name and I visited there site LIVE in front of the audience. I have nowhere to hide and I do not know anything about the website.

Then I took my 23 years of marketing experience of working with 153 different industries… and immediately went to work on telling them (and you!) how to make the site much better… much stronger… and much more profitable.

How would you feel if you could witness this kind of personal help?

Remember, I charge $2,500 per hour to consult. But at this event, you get to see me help others LIVE... so that you can too can then do the same for your own business.

"But Brett do you have any proof that what you're teaching works?"

Good question - so then take the case of grandmother and ex-nurse Judi Jaques...

Judi attended one of my trainings only a few years ago. She had never done any business online before. She sat and watched in disbelief as I demonstrated how easy it is to start an online business.

Within weeks of using my system she had experienced her first $1000 week as an affiliate marketer. Today she can make as much as $30,000 in a single month, working only 6-hours a week.

Judi Jaques 
57-year old Queensland Grandmother

"Okay Brett, sounds good - but is there anyone else?"

Then there's Steven Essa - the ex-panel beater and struggling musician...

Steven too attended one of my events and brought along his cynical mind to make sure he wasn't 'tricked' into anything. But he respectfully listened to what I taught and then decided to give it a serious go.

He started his own online business shortly after and generated $30,000 on his first project within just 30-days. Today he regularly makes as much as $10,000 in as little as 60-minutes and has generated over $4-million because of the internet."

Steven Essa 
Ex-panel beater and now full-time internet marketer

Ever heard of the "Internet Challenge?"

I took a complete beginner and coached him for just 30-days - here's what happened..

Pest-control business owner, Michael Hughes won a competition to be coached by me for 30-days. He knew very little about the internet and was open to follow my guidance.

I even had a film crew document the whole thing. Michael simply took the steps I taught him to take and asked questions whenever he needed to. By the end of the 30-days Michael had created his own online business and made $11,642."

Michael Hughes 
The total beginner who made $11,642 in his first 30-days

So yes... there's a ton of proof. But ultimately what you care about is what YOU can achieve.  And what that requires is for you to get serious and do something about it instead of playing around from the sidelines. 

It means you need to say "enough's enough!" And get the education you need to make it happen.​

So will YOU be in the audience of WarpSpeed Weekend?

You get all this FREE when you register now

Brett McFall's WarpSpeed Weekend
  • A $497 License to sell this program itself (the complete audio recordings of the event) for $97, and pocket $75 every time!
  • Plus 3-days of SOLID & LIVE learning about how to earn money inside 4-weeks using simple online businesses that work on autopilot
WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall

Now how can you be sure that everything mentioned here is true?

Easy... just listen below to the words of those who have attended WarpSpeed Weekend

Shouldn’t you have been at this event too? 

Isn’t it you who should've been walking away with my money-earning secrets and techniques?

The problem is, YOU WEREN'T HERE!  

But through this program, you're in the winner's seat. Why? Because you can have all the content on a platter.

NO cost for airfares... NO cost for accommodation... NO cost for eating out every night... and NO having to sit in a seminar room for 3-days straight.

If you want to have an automatic income, all you have to do is use the button below – then you'll be set to discover everything that was revealed at WarpSpeed Weekend.

Don’t pay $397 in 2 weeks time.

Register quickly below for a huge saving.









WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall

Now if you're still deciding on whether you should own the recordings of WarpSpeed Weekend, then realise this:

You have absolutely NO risk at all. Here's why...

If this program delivers on everything I say that it will, then you stand to gain a lot, right?

  • You'll get your hands on the exact plan to turn the internet into your business tool
  • You’ll know how to set up a virtual “product creation farm” – where you’re doing none of the work, but getting all the benefit.
  • You'll own a $497 License to sell the complete audio recordings of this event for $97
  • You'll witness my LIVE Website Makeovers and see how to turn any website into a winner in just a few minutes
  • You'll know how to create up to 30 different products per month

And if you don’t discover these things and more, then here’s what will happen

Within 30-days, just let us know how you feel (we'll give you an email address you can use). We'll then thank you for your honesty and for speaking up.

Then we'll arrange for your ticket investment to be refunded in full... AND... you can keep the license to the recordings as my gift to you. Which means you can still create an income from the product itself! How can you lose?

And the bottom line is... we part as friends.

WarpSpeed Weekend

That’s right, you get a 100% Money-Back Guarantee... and you keep the License to make money from the recordings!

How’s that for a fair deal?

This way you can only WIN or WIN.

So go ahead and get instant access to the recordings of WarpSpeed Weekend 









WarpSpeed Weekend Brett McFall

It's true, you CAN create a better life for yourself...

You CAN break free of your job. And you CAN live wealthy in your retirement. BUT... there's one thing you must know:

You MUST know how to create your own automatic income.

Your superannuation is vulnerable to stock crashes. Don't rely on it. 

​Why not have a "Plan B" in the form of an online business?

Wouldn't you love to have a business working for you in the background?

It CAN happen no matter who you are or what you currently do.


The thing that separates those that desire success but don’t achieve it from those that do is just one thing:


To me, failure is just feedback. When I find that one technique doesn’t work, I don’t pack up my gear and run home crying.

What it means is, I’ve simply discovered a way that didn’t work.

So then I try a different strategy and find one that DOES work.

If you're prepared to take on this mindset, then combined with what you're going to learn from WarpSpeed Weekend, you can be unstoppable.​

And remember, the internet is the cheapest place to fail.​ So you have very little to lose.

What you DO have to lose however is the vital information that was shared at this event.​ If you don't attend, then hundreds of other people will have an "unfair advantage" over you.

If you truly want to make money and be really successful online, then the recordings of WarpSpeed Weekend will give you that “unfair advantage.”

You’ll gain wisdom by learning from the mistakes and successes of myself and my fellow internet marketers. 

And I fully 100% money-back guarantee it. 

Fair enough?

Right now while it’s fresh on your mind, click the order button below and secure your recording of WarpSpeed Weekend.

I look forward to teaching you and seeing what you do with what you discover at this incredible event.


Brett McFall

P.S. Oh, and remember, I’ll be showing you step-by-step how to make over $18,000 a year from every simple little website you create.

Your investment is 100% money-back guaranteed. If for any reason within the first 30-days, you don’t feel that these recordings delivered on my promises, then I insist you have your money back… plus keep the $497 License to sell the recordings… and we part as friends.

Okay? Register now before the price increases.









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